Swedish Arkani Rohingya Organization (SARO) is a non-profit organization (Organization number: 802512-4762 )registered in 2017,Orebro city, Sweden.

The collective aims and goal of the organization are…

  1. To collect materials and equipment for the health care / schools and send them to the Rohingya area.
  2. Strengthen the development of democracy and human rights and change the structure that keeps people in poverty and oppression.
  3. Support the Rohingya group with integration issues and the establishment in Swedish society.

Since its inception the organization is striving to help Rohingya Diaspora within Swedish Society and supporting the Rohingya cause elsewhere. It is a open organization and invites membership and participation from the local society to support the Rohingya cause.


water project
zakatul mal,fitra qurbani project
school project
mosque renovation project
medical aidproject
food project


1.Water project:

SARO(Swedish Arkani Rohingya Organization) has successfully installed 6 of these projects.

Rohingya refugees in Balukhali and Kutupalong refugees camps benefited from this project.

2.Medical support for Sick Refugees:

Around 20 Rohingya refugees benefited from this project, 8000 swedish kronors were spent for this project.

 3.School Project:

10 schools were renovated in Balukhali, kutupalong, Modussara, and Nunarmat refugee camps.

4 .Renovation of Mosque:

SARO has participated in Renovation of 7 mosques in Balukhali, kutupalong, Modussara, and Nunarmat refugee camps.


5.Zakat ul Mal and Zakatul Fitra:

200 families in in Balukhali, kutupalong, Modussara, and Nunarmat refugee camps. Has benefited from this project.


6.Feeding Orphan kids.

Nearly 1500 kids benefited from this project and 30 % are orphans.


Sacrificing a lamb costs 1700 SEK and 1100 SEK for share in cow.

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     ORGANISATION NUMMER:    802512-4762 

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